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Growth-focused training is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Customer Sales Teams, Service & Healthcare industries, Universities, Coaches, Healers, and Authors. Available formats: Bootcamp; Workshop; Speech; Panel Talk; Group Training; Individual Consultation.


Elizabeth delivers engaging, practical content that resonates with any audience. Speaking sessions emphasize areas for business growth and personal development. Attendees leave with clear deliverables to act upon. Share your company goals, and we will tailor the content to you.

Growth & Networking

Transform your customer base into a collaborative network of raving fans. Networking methods that worked years ago are now counterproductive, stifling relationships and preventing business leaders and sales teams from growing. Elizabeth’s team provides a different approach to personal and company branding that is results-driven and incorporates the Power of Connections.


Award-winning Speaker and bestselling author Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker has trained thousands of professionals to increase sales, generate referrals, and develop collaborations. Her expertise is improving the customer experience, boosting employees’ social skills, and helping employers retain top talent. Whether she’s coaching from a live or virtual stage, or consulting entrepreneurs and organizations in her workshops, her strategies and techniques enable busy leaders to achieve business growth.


Before launching her Red Hawk Strategic Solutions consulting company in 2016, Elizabeth championed and led high-profile projects and joint ventures as a Strategy Executive for a $8 billion healthcare organization. She understands working to meet challenging deadlines with limited resources through effective team-building. Maximizing positive connections between employees and leaders to ultimately benefit the customer remains Elizabeth’s passion.

Her international bestseller Collecting True Friends provides busy men and women with today’s much-needed practical strategies to cultivate quality relationships. She weaves that interpersonal wisdom into all speaking engagements.

Jumpstart Your power of connecting with the
"7 Secrets to Connecting Well Everywhere Every Time"

Speaking Topics

The Power of Connecting - How To Draw Those Worthy of Your Time and Devotion to Lean-in

Explore and grab Key Ways to turn Colleagues into Friends

Collaboration and Network to Build Loyal Customers & Referrals

The Truth Bombs on Work Life Balance for Busy Women

The Psychology of what blocks your Way Connecting when Leading Others

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Best Selling Author

True friends are all around us, the key is to be able to spot them and determine whether they are worthy of your time and devotion. You meet potential friends every day while in social media, running errands, at work, in sports, neighbors, etc. The key thing is learning how to sift through our potential friends to then pull in quality people to COLLECT as “true” friends.


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