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True friends are all around us, the key is to be able to spot them and determine whether they are worthy of your time and devotion. You meet potential friends every day while in social media, running errands, at work, in sports, neighbors, etc. The key thing is learning how to sift through our potential friends to then pull in quality people to COLLECT as “true” friends.

Daily Dose of Direction for Women in Business - Volume II Book Launch on March 8th

Are you a busy woman looking for encouragement while on your business journey? Daily Dose of Direction for Women in Business – Volume II is your guidebook here to help you succeed!

We will take you on a 90-day journey led by 10+ expert women who own and run their businesses. You will receive the needed encouragement and scriptures to uplift you daily and help you keep the Faith.   So glad you are here, looking forward to hearing what made you smile reading this dynamic and timely book.
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