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Strategies to Collect Better Friendships in Life + Business Relationships

May 25, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


WE CAN DO IT! Your Life Can Be Filled With Meaningful Friendships in Life and in Business! Strategies to Attract More of WHO You Want

About this event
How frustrating is it when you feel like you can’t connect well with colleagues, your boss, or potential friends!

What is that inability to connect costing you in life? Have you attracted the wrong people into your life? Ended up working with people you really don’t share their values?

Is it attracting co-workers, partners, or friends that are not making you feel energized when you spend time together?

Or are you missing the hidden opportunities because others don’t understand you from how you communicate?

Did you know there are STRATEGIES you can use in your career or your business so you attract better people that will help you grow and you will want to be worthy of their time and devotion?

Come learn the strategies that work on how to connect better with strangers, coworkers, neighbors, friends, and even within your family.

Join us over two evenings as we explore what works and what doesn’t work when connecting with others especially now that we are transitioning to live social and business settings.

Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker will lead you through this lively class delivered in two evenings.

Come ready with your questions so you can get on track with having more meaningful rewarding friendships and better work relationships.

Early bird pricing of $55 ends soon to grab your ticket

included is three Live (via Zoom) Evening classes with Elizabeth as she goes through the lessons with practical applications .


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